18th to 19th Feb

Dhauj has a deep history of climbing and has produced a generation of bold climbers. The first wave of climbers came through in the 70’s and the process of exploration and development continued into the 90’s. Mohit Oberoi published the ‘Guide to Climbing Around Delhi’ in 2000 which extensively covered the climbing around Dhauj. Unfortunately, by then artificial walls came into the scene and the focus of the climbers shifted to competition climbing and Dhauj became irrelevant.

A new generation of climbers has emerged over the last few years that want to climb outdoors and are trying to rediscover Dhauj. Dhauj is a climbing paradise with a couple hundred trad lines and a dozen of boulder problems, but it’s a shame that only a handful of people climb there regularly. Gritfest is an attempt to establish a real outdoor community, who not just seek Dhauj for the climbing but truly love this oasis surrounded by one of the biggest metropolises in the country.

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Trad Competition

All participants are expected to bring their personal climbing gear, harness, shoes, crash pads, chalk etc. along with their trad climbing gear. Additional Gear can also be rented at the base camp.


  • A team will comprise of 2 people (teams will be selected through drawing lots)
  • First day of the fest is for trad climbing and 10 routes ranging from 5.6 to 5.8 will be part of the competition.
  • 10 points for each route
  • Both climbers have to lead at least 1 route
  • All routes have to be lead and cleaned ground up
  • Unlimited attempts
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18th Feb 2023


Welcome Address

Teams will be announced for the competition and terms of the competition will be discussed.

11AM – 5PM

TRAD Climbing Competition

It is a simple competition format that requires participation in teams comprising of two members. Each team member will have to lead at least one route to qualify. The winners will be judged by the total number of routes climbed.


Top rope session for beginners

The Delhi Climbs team will host the beginner climbing workshop, which will kick off with a warm up and stretching routine followed by a safety briefing.

The focus of the workshop will be on sharing basic climbing techniques and developing confidence on the vertical terrain. Many easy top rope routes will be set up that will challenge the participants mentally and physically.

5PM– 7PM

Exploration Talk

To bring the first day of Gritfest to a close, we will have personalities from the world of climbing sharing their experience with the participants.



Community prepared vegetarian meal and chill session post dinner.


19th Feb 2023



Community prepared breakfast

9AM – 1PM

Open Climbing Session

The Delhi Climbs team will host an open climbing session This session where participants pick their own climbs and spend the day with friends choosing to either trad climb, sport climbing, or boulder.



Community prepared vegetarian meal and chill session post dinner.

2PM - 3PM

Prize distribution and Closing Ceremony

Prize distribution to competition winners and closing address.

3PM - 4PM

Clean-up Drive

Dhauj in the recent years has received a lot of attention from senseless picnickers, which has resulted in rubbish piles along the rocks. The Delhi community has been cleaning up whatever is possible to avoid further damage.

This cleanup drive will be an attempt to create a larger community effort towards maintaining our crag along with the locals of Dhauj and Manger villages.


Accommodation and Food

Welcome to Crashpad Mangar! A place for climbers by climbers. We have ample space to pitch tents. The farm stay will be our base camp for the festival and food and accommodation will be managed by the team.


We have the following packages available for the fest

Fest Pass

₹ 2500
  • Lunch, Snacks and Dinner on Day 1
  • Breakfast and Lunch on Day 2
  • Registration Fees
  • Competition Fee
  • Climbing Sessions
  • Campsite Facilities
  • Workshops & Showcases
  • Bring your own Camping Gear
    Camping gear can be rented otherwise from the Crashpad


It’s a typical delhi winter. Where the rocks have good friction

You can take a cab . It’s the easiest way it drops you right next to our base or you can take metro till chattarpur and then take a cab or you can also drive down your own vehicle

From South delhi it is 18 kms

Yes, there are also options and guidance for people who wants to start

There is top rope climbing for beginners and also bouldering and there are also routes for all levels

Yes, we do have a place to camp.

Yes. You can also pitch your own tents

Yes. If you have your own arrangements and provisions


Yes, if you have one or there is also other options you can rent or buy. Just let us know prior and for top rope climbing we provide rope

The ground water is good and we can drink from the taps. There is no problem

Food is part of the package. For accomodation, camp space and campsite facilities are included in the fest pass. Camping gear is excluded. You are advised to bring your own camping gear, although camping gear will be available at a reasonable price at the campsite subject to availability.

Yes. It is called rock climbing guide in and around delhi. It is written by mohit oberoi

There is only one fest pass this time around, You may attend the fest for a day or for both the days.

No. But in very rare situations, we can always talk about it

There are no specific lockers. But you can always keep your things in our base .

It is very safe

The closest shop is 2km in mangar and the market is 4 kms in dhauj

Yes. The closest hospital is 4 km away


Yes there is electricity in and around our base

Yes. You can

There are common toilets for people camping

INR 2500 is the price of the fest pass

Yes. You can but we always prefer you registering before. So that we know the count and organize accordingly

We only have one package this time which includes everything apart from camping gear. They may choose to climb or not but the pass will cost the same.


Usually you see a lot of birds around .


Can be arranged if told prior

Yeah. We provide crash pads and also if you can bring one will be welcomed.


I am aware that Rock Climbing & Slacklining are inherently a dangerous activity and entails a significant risk factor caused by human error or forces of nature. I recognize that such risks are unpredictable, and they may cause injury or death. I recognize that such dangers will be present on the climbing/slacklining trip organized by GraviT Climbing and/or Slacklife Inc. I am also aware that medical services/facilities and rescue services will not be easily available or accessible during the trip. By signing this waiver, I acknowledge that the risks have been explained to me. I hereby assume all risk of illness, injury, death and hereby release and discharge GraviT Climbing and/or Slacklife Inc. and agents, associates and employees from all actions, claims or demands for damages resulting from my participating in the trip. I hereby indemnify and agree that foregoing obligation shall be binding upon me personally as well as upon my heirs, executors and administrators, all members of my family including any minor accompanying me. I have carefully read this agreement and fully understand its contents and hence am signing it of my own free will. I also note that I will not try any activity without the supervision of instructors. *